Never Run Out of Storage on your Phone Again

Trevor English

Running out of storage on your mobile device is a far too common problem in the current era. With the expanding mobile industry and capability of smartphones, the built in storage is often lags behind in devices. This is where the iKlips DUO comes into play enabling you to have upwards of 256 GB of external storage for your mobile device. Accompanied with an intuitive app, the small memory stick stores a lot more than just picture, and interfaces perfectly with iPhone iOS.

The purpose of the DUO is to expand your phone storage, but also make sharing easier and help you manage all of the documents stored on your phone. For those that use their phone for business, the DUO is perfect as it allows the user to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Office documents into the iPhone OS. If you just need somewhere to keep all of those extra selfies, then the iKlips iPhone app will make organizing and storing your data much easier.

Not only can the storage device hold up to 256 GB, but it is small and portable unlike many other external storage devices. As the memory stick has a built in lightning connector and USB drive, sharing between devices becomes quick and simple. Backing up all of the information stored on your phone is also possible and it can keep you from losing everything next time your phone breaks!

iKlips storage device design iPhone[Image Source: Adam Elements]

All of the features in the device are flawlessly integrated through the iPhone app creating an incredibly easy-to-use device in the palm of your hand. Managing information on your smartphone doesn't have to be painful with the unique device.

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Produced with the most high quality MLC flash memory, the device is durable as well featuring stylish textured silicone body sleeve. In order to increase portability, a keyring was added so you can take thew DUO with you wherever you go.

The iKlips DUO is currently available on Indiegogo for just US$79 and has raised over $120k far exceeding their $50k goal.

iKlips DUO featured image iPhone[Image Source: Adam Elements]

There is no longer any need to pay extra for cloud storage or spend endless amounts of time connecting to iTunes to get all of your data. There are even more features covered on the Indiegog campaign website where you can check out all that the DUO has to offer. Whether you're a businessman on-the-go or even a photographer diversifying his portfolio, the iKlips DUO will fit into every phone user's life.

Check out the iKlips DUO now on Indiegogo!

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