New Ad-blocking Browser Pays You to Click on Ads

Trevor English

The online media and publishing industry has come to a crossroads with their consumers as ads provide a main source of income for many websites yet customers absolutely despise them. There are ad-blocking softwares on the market today but they remove all ads from a website taking away any potential profit from the web host. Most people would agree that for the websites they frequent and get content streamed from, they would like the website to stay in business. One new browser seeks to bridge the gap between online media publishers and viewers and put a little bit of cash, well Bitcoins, in everyone's pocket. Brave, developed by the former Mozilla CEO, delivers the user fast and safe content all the while allowing the user to completely customize their ad experience.

Brave_topsites_ledger pay browser[Image Source: Brave]

If you don't want any ads at all, then you can operate in the ad blocking mode which delivers content to you in a completely ad free environment. If you do this, while online publishers don't get any add click profit directly, Brave has devised a unique alternative that allows users to control which websites get their revenue. Using the Brave Ledger, which will become available in May, you will be able to allocate "tips" of Bitcoins to the websites you love.

Now if tipping your favorite websites is not something you want to do, then you can allow ads in your browsing and Brave will pay you Bitcoins to do so. In either mode, both the consumer and the website publishers benefit from the traffic.

I downloaded Brave and it has a very friendly user interface as well as being incredibly fast. Whether you block ads or not with brave, it has built in security features like stricter tracking capabilities and better HTTPS connections. One really cool feature that I appreciated from the browser is that when a website loads, it automatically displays the load time allowing you to get a sense for how fast, or slow, a website is operating. On top of that, Brave has incorporated an intuitive tab management feature that allows you to essentially have multiple windows open, while in the same window. The download took only a couple of minutes, and you can get the new browser here.

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The Bitcoin payment features won't be available until May when the browser releases updates giving users a virtual wallet. Until then, Brave will slowly begin to replace other softwares as the browser was just released in January and continues to gain traction. Being someone who is both a consumer of internet media as well as a producer of it, Brave seems to have found the perfect medium keeping all sides happy. Not only will websites benefit from Brave's use over other ad-blocking programs but users will get a little bit of money in there pocket for taking advantage of it.

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