New AI LG Washer Can Automatically Pick the Best Laundry Cycle for Your Clothes

The washer has advanced app-enabled artificial intelligence capabilities that can even detect the best settings for a mixed load.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Because doing laundry can be a bit complicated, LG has decided to simplify the process for its consumers with its ThinQ Washer with artificial intelligence. The new washer can detect the fabric and weight of the clothes inside it and can automatically pick the best cycle for the load.


A compatible dryer

It can also send the appropriate settings to the compatible dryer. If ever there was a reason to invest in a washer-dryer set, this would be it.

However, that's not all it does. "ThinQ technology lets you start and stop wash cycles remotely, get notifications when your laundry is done and receive helpful reminders about scheduled maintenance," writes LG's page.

Never forget another load in the washing machine again with the ThinQ app that sends you reminders about everything to do with your laundry. It seems that LG has essentially made it impossible for laundry to go wrong.

The Twin Wash System

This isn't the first smart washer offered by LG, although it is far more advanced than LG's previous version. The Twin Wash System introduced in 2015 allowed you to do two different kinds of washes at the same time and it was app-enabled.

However, it did not automate laundry cycles or help you pick them. With the ThinQ, LG has come a long long way. 

ThinQ offers the same two-time washing capabilities of the Twin Wash System but also includes much more advanced AI features. The AI can not only detect the material and weight of the laundry load it can even detect mixed loads and choose appropriate settings.

Considering even humans struggle with picking the right setting for a mixed load, that's a pretty nifty accomplishment. What might it do next? Pick out our best outfits from a freshly washed load?

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