The New Amazon Echo Look Wants to Be Your Fashion Consultant

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It's nice sometimes to have a second opinion, especially when it comes to an outfit. Whether the event is a first date, important business meeting, or going out to new places, having a friend help narrow an outfit can save you minutes (even hours) staring at your closet. The Amazon Echo can now add "personal stylist" to its list of functions thanks to a new update. Meet the Echo Look!The New Amazon Echo Look Wants to Be Your Fashion Consultant

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The Echo Look comes with a built-in camera to give users a full-body glimpse at an entire outfit. It's perfect for people living in cramped apartments that might not have space for a full-length mirror. The LED lighting makes sure colors are in check. The camera comes with a depth feature (a la the iPhone 7), so photos of your outfit won't be ruined by whatever junk you have piling up next to your closet.

The Echo Look's app allows users to catch their outfits at a number of angles. It's the equivalent of having a friend say "turn around, and let me see it again." Also, it can be difficult even with a full-length mirror to see what an outfit looks like from the back.

The New Amazon Echo Look Wants to Be Your Fashion Consultant

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The app even creates a personal lookbook for the user. Other fashion cataloging apps require users to manually try on and sort everything in their closet. The Echo Look takes the images you use to make a decision about your outfit and does the sorting for you. Unshockingly, the app tailors its ads to companies and styles it notices from patterns in your wardrobe.

Style Check

If you really need a second opinion, the Echo Look comes with a free Amazon style app called Style Check. The app "combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists." Basically, the app has an algorithm to lock down what's hot or not and will tell you via a percentage which outfit is the most "trendy." Users simply submit two photos for a second opinion, and the app will compare the choices based on current colors, styles, trends, and body type.

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The New Amazon Echo Look Wants to Be Your Fashion Consultant

[Image Source: Amazon]

No, the Amazon Echo Look isn't a $200 addition to a user's preexisting Echo. It has all the other Echo functions, so feel free to listen to Beyonce while getting ready for a night out. The Echo Look also still responds to other smart gadget commands (i.e. lighting).

As with most gadgets, the Look isn't without its skeptics and concerns. The product was originally leaked earlier this year; however, it was seen as a security camera. That "Big Brother" association hasn't quite left the device either. Of the current engagement with the Echo Look's YouTube video, over half of the responses have been thumbs down. Many are wondering why someone should bother with a $200 system when they can buy a $20 mirror.

The Amazon Echo Look is only available by invitation only right now. Interested parties can request to buy one by looking at its product page. You can certainly expect to see the images taken from the gadget with the Insta-famous crowd.

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