New Carbon-Layered Face Mask Sucks up the Bad Breath Smell

These updated N95 masks feature carbon layers that eliminate foul smells along with viruses and bacteria.
Irmak Bayrakdar

With the upheaval of COVID-19 cases around the globe, the PPE industry has seen a boom in orders. New products are being announced and/or hitting the market every week or so. 

Now, a team from the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Kanpur has designed a novel N95 mask. What distinguishes this particular mask from other N-95 masks is the fact that it has a super-activated carbon layer and is developed using odorless technology.  

The mask's outer layer is also charged with nanoparticles which act as a barricade to nullify viruses. 

What is odorless technology? 

You know that bad smell you get when you've been wearing a mask for a few hours? That's your breath odor mixed with the bacteria you breathe out, stuck within the mask. Yuck, right?

The team behind the new mask design aims to change that by offering a multi-purpose mask that is both odorless and protective against bacteria and viruses. 


Carbon is usually a harmful substance for the body, but when its properties are changed, it becomes safe to use in a mask. That's exactly what the team achieved by charging the carbon and utilizing it to create a super-activated carbon layer within the mask.

This carbon mold layer's pores are finer than the other layers, making the mask impenetrable to external pollutants and viruses such as COVID-19.

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When there is odor, the carbon layer sucks up particles that lead to the foul smell, much like Febreze within your mask.

Coming to a store near you

The mask's testing stages are complete, and it is now ready for production. The lead researcher of the study, Dr. Patil, announced that the mask will be manufactured by E-spin Nanotech, a startup that is part of the Innovation and Incubation Center at IIT Kanpur. 

While the mask will be ready to purchase in the near future, its price range will most probably be above your regular N95 masks.

An important note:
With anti-maskers all around us, please make sure to wear a mask for your and everyone else's sake. 

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