New Exoskeleton Allows You to Feel Inside VR

Trevor English

As the virtual reality industry continues to grow, there is a growing product market for technologies enhancing users' experience. Seeing in a virtual reality world is no longer enough, but feeling like you are in the VR world is what consumers now want. A new exoskeleton created by Dexta Robotics solves this problem by interfacing with VR games to enact feeling to users in accordance to what they see through the game.

VR hand glove[Image Source: DextaRobotics]

Called Dexmo, the new exoskeleton not only allows you to feel within VR, but it also captures your exact hand movements so interaction is flawless. Each fingertip has a variable force feedback system, according to Futurism, that allows for motion capture abilities. The entire system is completely wireless, and it could shape how people interact  with VR down the road.

VR gloves[Image Source: DextaRobotics]

There is no word yet on when the device will be released to consumers, but it is sure to be a hot buy in the VR realm. Right now there needs to be a lot of software developed to work with the system, which is currently what the team is working on.

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