New Mercedes Screen Spans Nearly Entire Width of Car, Regulates With AI

Mercedes' new screen will use AI to minimize distraction: 'no scrolling, no browsing.'
Brad Bergan

Daimler's Mercedes-Benz has debuted an impressive new feature for its forthcoming electric luxury sedan: a large, curved screen spanning almost the full width of the car — instead of the conventional dashboard to which we're accustomed, according to a new video from the company's YouTube channel.


Mercedes' new screen to sweep nearly entire car width

Called the MBUX Hyperscreen feature, the option is available on the EQS sedan — and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to habitualize itself to the driver's most-used functions. These may include navigation or hands-free phone calls.

CEO of Mercedes' parent company Daimler AG Ola Kallenius said during a recorded Thursday video that the new car-spanning screen "only shows what is needed: no scrolling, no browsing."

Mercedes Wide Dashboard
On-board AI will prompt the driver to use features to which they're accustomed. Source: Mercedes-Benz / YouTube

Hyperscreen redirects media to avoid distracting driver

For example, if a driver typically activates the hot-stone massage function in wintertime, the user experience AI system will auto-suggest the comfort function in cold weather conditions.

Comparatively, if the driver often calls one person via phone during homeward transit, the system will suggest their call at the normalized time.

Additionally, the screen lets the front-seat passenger watch television while also obscuring the show from the driver — to keep them focused on the road.

Mercedes Wide Dashboard Features
The EQS demonstrates Mercedes' aim to digitize and electrify. Source: Mercedes-Benz / YouTube

Mercedes EQS one of four battery-powered models for 2021

Kellenius also said the EQS would demonstrate the company's efforts to digitize and electrify their products — two industry trends making waves in automaker and -consumer circles.

Mercedes' EQS — the electric counterpart of Mercedes' fossil fuel-powered S-Class — is but one of four EV battery-powered models to debut this year as big German auto manufacturers rush to close the gap in their collective rivalry with Tesla.

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