Microsoft's New Paint App for Windows Finally Includes 3D Modeling

Microsoft's new edition of its classic Paint includes 3-D modeling as a key new feature. The company hopes to improve Paint's reputation.
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Microsoft Paint has long since been synonymous with bored elementary school students, a lack of internet, the 1990s or all three. However, the company looks to change those notions with its latest version of Paint for Windows 10.



Microsoft’s plans for re-designing their iconic paint application have now been confirmed after details were started leaked over the weekend. While the app is undoubtedly popular, it's largely overlooked by most users due to limited functionality. Competing applications also offer more features than the basic app.

However, the new Paint could potentially turn the tables by completely redesigning the application from the ground up. According to a launch video debuted by Microsoft, there seem to be copious amounts of new features and improvements to the platform. The most noteworthy new feature? The 3-D Object support and pen/touch functionality.

Could we see a rebirth of Paint?

Previous versions of Paint lacked many things including design, functionality, and ease of use. Microsoft has taken an innovative step with the new version of Paint with hopes to make the time-wasting app useful. The speed of the application seems to be improved, suggesting Microsoft hasn't only updated the program; they optimized it.

One potential downfall appears to be the lack of keyboard shortcuts as well as a lack of layering support. However, the application hasn't yet been released, giving Microsoft time to add additional features.

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It appears as if this copy of the application which has been passed around was a closed-beta that was allegedly supposed to be limited to select testers. Upon release, the app will only be limited to Windows 10 users and only from the app store.

The early beta release leaks seem hopeful for the seemingly redundant app. However, it won't be until the program is released when the true usefulness will be revealed.

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