New petition with 40,000 signatures urges Biden to acknowledge Tesla's leadership in EVs

Musk found it 'odd that Tesla wasn't invited'.
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Tesla fans are dedicated, as witnessed by the festive Tesla-related ways they choose to spend their holiday seasons.

This is why they weren't surprised to see them create a petition that garnered over 40,000 signatures (as of the time of writing of this article) to urge Biden's administration to acknowledge the firm's leadership in electric vehicles (EVs), according to

The petition is a good indication of why Tesla is the world's largest and perhaps most popular EV maker.

The petition acknowledges Tesla was snubbed

CNN reported that U.S. President Joe Biden held a celebration for ambitious electric vehicle targets at the White House on Thursday but excluded Tesla. Instead, the invitations focused on executives from General Motors (GM), Ford (F), Stellantis, and other makers.

The snub was even acknowledged by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter. "Yeah, seems odd that Tesla wasn't invited," Musk noted in a tweet overnight.

Union issues

Although Biden and his team have not discussed the snub, rumors have been circulating that it may be because of the industry union, United Auto Workers (UAW). GM, Ford, and Stellantis all have workforces that are members of the UAW but Tesla's workers have yet to get on board.

"The White House and the Biden Administration have intentionally been trying to ignore Tesla's hard work while propping up GM and others as 'EV Leaders.' They have snubbed Tesla on behalf of UAW citing that the EV events were for UAW," wrote the petition.

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The petition went on to note that according to a recent quote by Brian Deese, White House Director of the National Economic Council, President Biden is intentionally ignoring Tesla's hard work which is an insult to the Americans who work for the firm.

The dedication that Tesla fans have for the EV maker was made clear by their insistence that the firm's work is acknowledged. It is also pointed out the firm has exceptional sales figures.

In 2020, Tesla's sales numbers surpassed those of the next top three EV makers combined (Renault/Nissan, Volkswagen Group, and BYD). In 2021, the firm delivered nearly 1 million vehicles, twice as much as in 2020. 

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