New Revocharge smartphone case is looking to revolutionize universal wireless charging

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The makers behind one of the world’s most advanced approach to wireless charging are now looking to raise $100,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to help launch their new wireless charging smartphone case, the Revocharge. What's more, those who show their support get the chance to purchase one at 50% of the final retail price. 

revocharge[Image Source: RevoCharge]

Smartphone cases, while still considered an added accessory, are used by a vast amount of smartphone users on the planet.  They are a necessity to protecting your device and extending its lifetime.  However, you get what you pay for and will have to lighten your pockets if you want something that does the job properly; keeping your phone free from moisture, scratches, dust, and the occasional fall to the ground.

Now enter the Revocharge, a smartphone case that charges and syncs your phone with pure ease. A case that will charge your smartphone no matter where you are and is completely cable free.

In summary, the Revocharge is a patent- pending Universal Wireless Charging and Syncing Smartphone Case. It is claimed to be the most advanced wireless charging smartphone case on the marketcustomized to fit iPhone and Android devices.  It utilizes conductive charging technology that results in faster and more efficient syncing and charging, without the use of cords.

Uunlike most other wireless charging solutions on the market, it can provide your phone a full charge, at full speed. Distinctly different from other wireless chargers, it allows you to sync your music and data whenever you want. Its patent-pending universal mount makes it possible for you to take your phone anywhere in the world, yet still have access to a full charge, at anytime.

The case is surprisingly thin (13.4mm) and yet built for durability. The easy to access micro USB port provides a simple option for syncing data and music from a user’s desk mount.


Founder and CEO, Cemal Samsilova, said in a statement, “Revocharge is designed to make mobile phones truly mobile. It gives you the power to charge and sync anywhere, and everywhere, without the use of cords. But it’s going to take a lot of support to bring this wireless charging revolution to the market and let wider audiences enjoy the power of true mobility.”

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Below is a list of what the initial release product line will include:

•           iPhone 5/5S Case

•           iPhone 6 Case

•           Samsung S4/S5 Case

•           Desk mount

•           Car mount

•           Arm band

•           Belt Clip

•           Bike Mount

•           Battery packs

revocharge4[Image Source: RevoCharge]

You can find out more at the Revocharge website or head on over to the Kickstarter campaign to comb through their proposal and offer your support. It will be your only chance to get one at such a cheap price.

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