New robotic chess set combines online play with a physical chess board

GoChess is claiming to revolutionize chess with robotically moving pieces, offering online gameplay, coaching LEDs, and a fusion of physical and virtual experiences.
Kavita Verma
Play chess online with robotically moving pieces with GoChess
Play chess online with robotically moving pieces with GoChess


Chess fans online can celebrate as electronic gaming startup Particula releases GoChess, its most recent invention.

This new chess set bridges the gap between real-world and virtual games by enabling players to compete in online matches with robotically moving pieces. 

GoChess is poised to revolutionize how chess is played by giving players of all skill levels an engaging and dynamic experience thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that is currently underway.

A fusion of physical and virtual gameplay

GoChess initially gives the impression of being a conventional chess set. The magnetic chess pieces are smoothly moved across the board by a network of tiny wheeled robots that are hidden beneath the translucent surface. 

GoChess syncs with online chess venues like Lichness and through a Bluetooth connection to a companion app, enabling players to face off against opponents who are far away in real-time. 

GoChess uses sensors to detect and record moves made on its physical board while players can make moves using their computer keyboards or on-screen chess boards.

A variety of features are available in GoChess that are intended to improve the chess playing experience. Users can test an online AI opponent against them at various levels of difficulty, which enables gamers to constantly advance their abilities. 

Each square has coloured LEDs underneath it that offer coaching by proposing possible actions and providing advice on wise and foolish decisions. Additionally, the companion app enables lone players to solve brainteasers and even watch well-known historical chess tournaments. The software also functions as a thorough game tracker, keeping track of advancement and offering tailored suggestions for better gameplay.

GoChess' portable design meets the needs of chess enthusiasts who are constantly on the move. Players can enjoy a game of chess anywhere thanks to the board's detachable, independently usable sensor and LED surface. 

GoChess Lite, which offers standalone chessboard capability without the robotic capabilities, is an alternative for people on a tight budget. GoChess also supports traditional face-to-face gameplay, giving players who prefer the time-honored custom of manually moving their pieces a flexible solution.

Affordable pricing and future prospects

The GoChess Lite option costs $219, while pledges for the complete GoChess system start at $259 per. 

In comparison to the anticipated retail prices of $379 and $319, respectively, these figures represent significant savings. If everything goes as planned, backers can anticipate receiving their boards by May 2024. 

Alternatives for chess players looking for similar advances include the SquareOff and Phantom robotic chess boards, each of which offers special features that suit individual interests.

GoChess ushers in a new era of chess by fusing its age-old allure with the practicality and opportunities of the digital world. GoChess delivers a singular experience that will enthrall chess enthusiasts all over the world, whether players are looking for competitive online matches, want to improve their skills, or simply enjoy a typical chess game.

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