The Xaver 1000 is a next-gen radar that can actually ‘see’ through walls

And it can surpass conventional operating capabilities.
Christopher McFadden
The Xaver 1000 can easily "see" through walls. Camero-Tech

Camero-Tech, a firm based in Israel, has created a next-generation portable, high-performance imaging device that can actually "see" through walls. Called the Xaver 1000, according to a press release from Camero-Tech, the company has now officially added this next-generation of the company's product line.

Camero-Tech is a member of Samy Katsav Group (aka SK Group), and a world leader and pioneer in developing, producing, and marketing pulse-based UWB micro-power radar, like the Xaver 1000. 

The company's parent, SK Group, specializes in global frontline defense, law enforcement solutions, marine infrastructure, and property development solutions. They also developed small arms systems, electro-optic and laser solutions, imaging systems, naval solutions, and more. SK Group has a strong track record of technology, experience, and excellence, drawing on Israel's innovation and field-proven solutions.

The new Xaver 1000, according to Camero-Tech, will provide armed forces, law enforcement agencies, intelligence units, and first responders with unmatched operating capabilities.

The latest iteration of their popular Xaver family of products, its predecessors have been deployed by elite customers in the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and search & rescue applications in more than 50 countries worldwide.

"The Xaver family delivers significant capabilities in information gathering, anti-terror activities, hostage rescue, anti-narcotics operations, disaster areas, and many other urban operations and missions," explained Camero-Tech. 

The Xaver 1000 will prove to be a powerful tool for various organizations

The Xaver 1000 is equipped with an AI-based live target tracking system as well as its own 3D 'Sense-Through-The-Wall' technology, which allows it to detect and see humans or static objects behind walls and obstructions. High-resolution images of live objects can be seen down to the level of individual body parts too even if targets are sitting, standing, or lying down.

It also doesn't matter if they have been stationary for a long time.

Users may also utilize the system to determine the height of objects and if they are adults, children, or animals, giving them an obvious operational edge and the capacity to, as they say, "step into the known".

To this end, the Xaver 1000 can be considered an essential system for military, law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and intelligence units operating in a variety of situations, including hostile urban environments and natural disaster sites. It can be operated by a single user and is ready to use at the touch of a button.

“The XaverTM 1000 determines the most suitable approach to ensure successful life-saving missions in a variety of operational scenarios, such as hostage rescue situations,” says Amir Beeri, CEO, and founder of Camero. “A high-resolution 3D view and other powerful tools of the system provide an exceptional level of situational awareness. Being able to achieve a high level of sensitivity, the Xaver™ 1000 is a true game-changer for special forces and law enforcement teams conducting urban and rural operations that require reliable information regarding hidden live objects," he added.

The Xaver 1000 is operated by a 10.1-inch (25.7cm) touchscreen display with a straightforward user interface for easy interpretation. For post-mission analysis, training, and debriefing, the display also includes simple menu navigation and integrated data recording and playback.

The technology is completely radiation-free and passes international requirements for human exposure.

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