Norrsken Has a Lot More Than a Simple Lamp Can Offer

Thanks to its full-color spectrum, light alarm, and sleek design, Norrsken’s smart lamp is out to redefine the lighting experience.
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Created: 4/14/2021

Lamps are always trendy for a good reason: Not everyone wants to rely on an electric bulb that hangs from the ceiling. Lamps create a rather cozier atmosphere without disturbing the eyes, and they illuminate the place in a friendlier and more relaxing way.

Different types of lights evoke many different emotions in us. With this in mind, you can fathom how the lighting of your living space can affect your mood in general. 

Made in Germany, Norrsken lamp does a lot more than just providing light. To begin with, it is powered with smart LED strips instead of a single color bulb, giving you a full-color spectrum to choose the color you want according to your mood.

Morning Alarms Don't Have to be Horrible

With Norrsken lamp, you don't have to wake up to a painful ringtone on your phone in the early morning, which negatively affects your mood for the rest of the day. Norrsken has a light alarm feature, where you can feel the kind touch of its light on your face while waking up, just like the sunlight that you feel when you are sleeping in a place with open windows or outdoors. 

As the sunlight automatically wakes you up, so does Norrsken's light alarm. It ensures a totally different experience since you will get used to waking up in such a calm and relaxing way rather than a horrible noise terrorizing you every morning. 

Norrsken Has a Lot More Than a Simple Lamp Can Offer
Source: Norrsken/Kickstarter

This is especially important since the way you get out of bed determines the rest of the day's mood for you. In case if you're living in a dark, cloudy area, where even in the mornings the sunlight doesn't hit strong enough, Norrsken can do the job just fine, uplifting your mood for the day. 

Norrsken Keeps Pace With You 

When you feel like relaxing around the house, you can stick to the classical warm white color, and the moment you feel like getting up and dancing to your favorite songs, you can switch your Norssken to purple, or red, or any other crazy color you want via your smartphone and start to dance. It's as easy as pushing a button to change the color. 

Norrsken Has a Lot More Than a Simple Lamp Can Offer
Source: Norrsken/Kickstarter

There is no occasion that Norrsken can't keep pace with. It is the nice, cozy lamp that relaxes you with its warm colors during a date night, and the next thing you know, it radiates with strong colors and synchronizes to the music you're playing during a wild house party. 

Norrsken understands you in a literal way thanks to the voice control feature. You can just talk to your smartphone and see Norrsken do what you say accordingly, making it consistent with the latest technologies of our age. 

Norrsken Has a Lot More Than a Simple Lamp Can Offer
Source: Norrsken/Kickstarter

Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Yourself

Another Norrsken feature that we are not used to with the regular lamps is the experience Norrsken gives you in your space. This is because your Norrsken lamp can give out dynamic light, as well as flowing, spreading, and pulsing lights that will boost your energy whenever you need it.  

Norrsken Has a Lot More Than a Simple Lamp Can Offer
Source: Norrsken/Kickstarter

With Norrsken, variety comes in the shape or form of the light too, alongside the variety of colors. Another plus is the music synchronization, which adds another dimension to your lighting experience. 

Norrsken Has a Lot More Than a Simple Lamp Can Offer
Source: Norrsken/Kickstarter

This is because Norrsken is built to be more than just a lamp. It is there to change the entire mood of your living space whenever you need it. Family dinners, wild parties, meditation, and daily exercise: Name any type of activity and see Norssken keeping pace with it. 

Design Matters 

Aside from the unique lighting experience, smartphone control, music synchronization, and the light alarm, another thing that comes with Norrsken is the cool, minimalistic Scandinavian design

So even when your Norrsken light is off, it will keep adding style to your place. It's made of premium hardwood, a timeless material that will make you feel its warmness, comfort, and harmony the moment you place it in your place. 

Norrsken Has a Lot More Than a Simple Lamp Can Offer
Source: Norrsken/Kickstarter

Plus, you can choose the type of beech wood you want from a variety of colors, and further wood types are available as add-ons, such as maple, fir, walnut, oak, cherry, and alder. 

The other main component of Norrsken's design is the exposed concrete base. Combined with the hardwood body, the concrete base adds to the already stylish lamp, as well as giving it increased stability. 

The concrete base looks pure with a robust and majestic feeling to it. These aspects make Norrsken a great piece to enhance the quality of your interior design. And just like the wood part, you can choose the color of your concrete base from a variety of options, such as grape purple, oceanic blue, and hunter green. 

Norrsken's Details:

You can buy either a regular Norrsken or a Norrsken S, which is a smaller model.

The regular model is 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm) tall, weighing 23 lbs (10 kg). Controllable through Wi-Fi, Norrsken operates on 5VDC internal voltage and the input voltage of 85 to 264VAC. Its internal LED strip is 13 feet 11.5 inches (393 cm) long and contains 237 pieces in total with a power consumption of 71,1W. 

Norrsken S, on the other hand, is 3 feet 8.5 inches (113 cm) tall, weighing 11 lbs (5 kg). Its internal LED consists of 118 pieces and is 6 feet 5.6 inches (197 cm) long. Norrsken S operates on 5VDC internal voltage, 85 to 264VAC input voltage, with 35,4W power consumption. 

You Can Buy and Support via Kickstarter

Now is the perfect time to buy your Norrsken via Kickstarter at advantageous prices. By clicking the header or here, you can become part of this innovation in lighting and buy a Norrsken for your place, benefitting from the special offers of the Kickstarter campaign.  

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