North Korea May Be Training Dolphins for Its Navy

New evidence suggests that North Korea might be joining the U.S. and Russia in using dolphins for military purposes.
Fabienne Lang

North Korea is an extremely secretive country. But one thing that's emerging now about the nation is that it may be training and using dolphins as part of its naval program. 

A report published by the non-profit U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) stated the news that included satellite images of the potential naval dolphins' pens. 

The images clearly depict naval mammal pens floating in North Korean waters in close proximity to its warships and a shipyard. 


Some of the photos the USNI got a hold of date back to 2015, and show a clear contrast with those snapped in 2019 and 2020. 

There appear to be two Dolphin Program bases, and the second one may be where the aquatic mammals are bred. There are also covered pools, open pools, and dolphin pens out in the water, per what the photos show. 

The U.S. Navy pioneered the method

It may sound like a strange strategy, using dolphins for military purposes. However, the U.S. Navy was the one to pioneer such a method. And they don't solely stick to dolphins, either, they are also known for using sea lions. The Navy uses these mammals to spot mines or any enemy swimmers, for example. 

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As far as is known, Russia is the only other country aside from the U.S. to use such methods. Until now, when North Korea may also be joining their ranks. 

These photographed pens may not have anything to do with the Navy, however, and could simply be fish farms, reports the New York Post.

However, these pens don't exactly match the other fish farms from the country. When USNI compared the North Korean pens with the U.S. and Russian dolphin ones, they matched up, according to the report. So maybe we will be seeing North Korean military dolphins in the near future. 

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