North Korea Rolls Out Biggest Missiles of Its Kind

North Korea showed off its new colossal ICBMs on the 75th anniversary of the Workers' Party ruling the country.
Deniz Yildiran

Kids play with toys while adults play with guns. But some types of guns are indeed dangerous, as North Korea rolled it out without any second thoughts. 

On Saturday, North Korea presented a colossal new intercontinental ballistic missile, which is described as the biggest of its kind yet. The parade in which the missile was shown aired later on state television. 

Carried on an 11-axles truck, the missile quite made an appearance. Now if that doesn't look intimidating, we're not sure what does. 


This show-off took place on the 75th anniversary of Workers' Party reign on the North side, in the capital Pyongyang. Kim Jong Un kept a proud eye on the declamatory parade. 

In 2017, North Korea had launched similar missiles that could reach the whole U.S. continental, after which the U.S. completed testing defense systems and turned into a blazing cold war. But this one proves even a bigger force that could pretty well cope with US defenses, per Bangkok Post.

It is not certain when it will be tested yet. But the ICBM might make its way to testing by the U.S. meets its next president, which is quite the timing. 

"We will continue to strengthen war deterrence for self-defense to deter, control, and manage all dangerous attempts and threatening acts, including ever-growing nuclear threats, from hostile forces," Kim Jong Un declared during the parade.

"But should anyone undermine our national security and mobilize military power against us, I will retaliate by using the most powerful offensive force at our disposal and in a preemptive manner," he added.

It was the first military parade that North Korea presented since 2018.

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