This novel tech actually ‘listens’ to your car to diagnose issues

It works just like an old-school mechanic.
Can Emir
V2M AI-based maintenance
V2M AI-based maintenance


While a car's internal sensors can quickly identify specific mechanical issues, some are a little more challenging. By using onboard modules to listen for them, the V2M system is made to catch those other ones.

A Delaware-based technology company, V2M utilizes its extensive scientific knowledge in sound and automotive diagnostics. The company has created a novel way by examining the typical sounds of actual auto failures. The device listens for noises coming from the car to identify faults.

V2M, which is currently in development by a company with the same name, comprises of two electroacoustic sensing modules that are placed in the front and rear of the car, respectively, as well as a control unit that is situated in the middle.

The system continuously monitors and records the vehicle's operational noises using this hardware. The analog recordings are transformed into digital signals and sent to a server online for AI-based algorithms to analyze. An app and an online-accessible dashboard alert the car's owner and/or mechanic if any issues are found.

Moreover, alerts might be transmitted to fleet managers, vehicle manufacturers, and the car's onboard diagnostic system. The concept behind V2M, which stands for "vehicle-to-maintenance," is that the necessary maintenance can be carried out as soon as possible before more involved repairs are required.

Now, the system can distinguish between the noises made by problematic wheel bearings, idle, tension, timing rollers, and CV joints. The designers are now identifying the sounds connected to suspension issues.