Novel Ultrafast Battery Based on Graphene Charges in 15 Seconds

The new power-source already made its way to a €1 billion contract with a prestigious automotive company.
Fabienne Lang
Skeleton Tech and KIT batteriesSkeleton Tech

It might not be a world record, but imagine your brand new EV is ready to hit the road in seconds. Fast, right?

A battery that recharges in just 15 seconds has been developed using graphene by Estonia-based Skeleton Technologies and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.

Named the SuperBattery, the groundbreaking power source will revolutionize the world of electric vehicles, which has been suffering from slow charging, battery degradation, and range anxiety. 


Ideal solution for EVs

Not only can the SuperBattery charge at lightning-fast speeds, it also has charging cycles that count in hundreds of thousands. 

But what truly makes the battery stand out is the fact that it's made up of Curved Graphene carbon material, which is patented to Skeleton Technologies. This enables strong power and long-lasting ultracapacitors to be linked with graphene batteries. 

As per Skeleton Technologies' statement, ultracapacitors are becoming more and more commonly combined with lithium-ion batteries.

"The SuperBattery is a game changer for the automotive industry. Together with Li-ion batteries, they have it all: high energy and power density, long lifetime, and 15-second charging time," said Taavi Madiberk, Skeleton Technologies' CEO.

The two teams are thrilled to be collaborating on the project, as KIT director at the Helmholtz-Institute Ulm, and research unit leader Maximilian Fichtner said "We see Skeleton as a perfect match which fits for our purpose. Skeleton is both flexible and big enough to develop a new process, transfer our knowledge into a product and bring it to the market."

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The super fast recharger is already garnering a fair amount of attention and the collaborators have already potentially confirmed a €1 billion contract with a well-known automotive company, which will see the battery get onto the market, per ECI (in French). 

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