Nvidia and MediaTek partner to introduce next-generation in-car systems with AI

The products will offer software-defined, connected, intelligent cabin solutions.
Jijo Malayil

In its efforts to further the infotainment experience inside vehicles and cater to evolving requirements, Nvidia and MediaTek have announced a partnership to introduce next-generation systems that can stream video or games or interact with drivers using artificial intelligence.

The partnership will see MediaTek develop SoCs ( system-on-a-chip), which is a complete processing system contained in a single package, which will now integrate the NVIDIA GPU (graphic processing unit) chipset featuring its AI and graphics services. 

Nvidia says that the collaboration will provide a "global one-stop shop for the automotive industry, designing the next generation of intelligent, always-connected vehicles," said Rick Tsai, MediaTek CEO, in a statement.

Partnership to widen the market for both players

Nvidia has a range of GPU solutions for computers and servers, and SoCs for automotive and robotic applications. Now, the firm hopes to cover broader markets with MediaTek integrating its GPU chipset into automotive SoCs. The chipset firm will have better access to the $12 billion market for infotainment SoCs, thanks to the cooperation with MediaTek.

Nvidia will be able to offer its "DRIVE OS, DRIVE IX, CUDA, and TensorRT software technologies on these new automotive SoCs to enable connected infotainment and in-cabin convenience and safety functions." This will make in-vehicle infotainment options available to automakers on the Nvidia DRIVE platform.

Automakers have been employing NVIDIA's technology for infotainment systems, graphical user interfaces, and touchscreens for well over a decade to help modernize their car cockpits. According to the statement, the capabilities of MediaTek's Dimensity Auto platform are to see a marked improvement using NVIDIA's core competencies in AI, cloud, graphics technology, and the software ecosystem in combination with NVIDIA's advanced driver assistance systems. 

MediaTek's Dimensity Auto platform enables smart multi-displays, high-dynamic range cameras, and audio processing, allowing drivers and passengers to engage with cockpit and infotainment systems easily. According to Reuters, till now, Nvidia has centered its efforts on high-end premium automakers, however, with its roots in the Android smartphone chip industry, MediaTek sells its Dimensity Auto technology to mass-market, cost-efficient automakers. The collaboration is set to benefit all car classes, from luxury to entry-level, offering new user experiences, improved safety, and new connected services.

"By integrating the NVIDIA GPU chiplet into its automotive offering, MediaTek aims to enhance the performance capabilities of its Dimensity Auto platform to deliver the most advanced in-cabin experience available in the market." The platform also has Auto Connect, a function that uses high-speed telematics and Wi-Fi networking to guarantee that drivers stay wirelessly connected. The partnership plans to release its first offering by the end of 2025.

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