Nvidia strengthens portfolio to offer more AI products and services

The company is also focusing on advertising and its core segment of gaming,
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Stock photo of a Nvidia chip on a motherboard
Stock photo of a Nvidia chip on a motherboard

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Chipmaker Nvidia has unveiled a slew of artificial intelligence (AI) products in its bid to stay ahead of the game and join the trillion-dollar valuation club with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. The announcement comes close to the market rally of NVIDIA stock, which rose over 25 percent last week.

Once known for making chips for gaming geeks, Nvidia is now at the core of the AI frenzy that has gripped the world after its graphic processing units (GPUs) have been a critical component of the capacities of AI tools. The company's A100 and H100 chips have become household names after tools like ChatGPT became popular last year.

Recently, the company unveiled its sales forecast for the next quarter, which at $11 billion was more than 50 percent higher than Wall Street's estimates. This sent the stock into a rally last week, taking its market cap close to $1 trillion dollars.

NVIDIA's new lineup

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang unveiled a new line-up of AI products and services, which also included a supercomputer platform called DGX GH200. The platform is expected to help companies create products as powerful as ChatGPT, which require high amounts of computing power.

Interesting Engineering has previously reported how companies like Microsoft stitched together chips to generate a computing system that could cater to the needs of OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

It now appears that Nvidia will itself provide a platform that companies like Microsoft, Meta, or Google can use. This is also an attempt to keep users hooked on Nvidia's chips, even as alternates are being developed in the market.

Additionally, the company will also build its own supercomputers that customers can directly use. These will be located in Taiwan, The Straits Times reported.

Nvidia strengthens portfolio to offer more AI products and services
Nvidia wants to improve data speeds within data centers too

Nvidia is also keen to address the issue of the slow speed of data movement inside data centers and will deploy its new networking system, dubbed Spectrum X, at a data center in Israel to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Nvidia has also partnered with advertising firm WPP to leverage the power of AI in advertising. WPP will deploy Nvidia's Omniverse to create "virtual twins" of products, which can then be manipulated to create custom ads for customers while reducing costs.

Nvidia also plans to up its offering from just chips for its hardcore base of users, gamers. The company will now deploy its ACE services which will improve the gaming experience by addressing problems of non-player characters or NPCs.

The ACE service will use information from the game's main characters and use AI to create more natural responses than scripted and repetitive responses, the company said. The service is currently under testing to ensure that the responses are not offensive or inappropriate.

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