Ocean Cleanup Just Scooped a Colossal Pile of Garbage From the Ocean

Can we clean the great Pacific Garbage Patch?
Loukia Papadopoulos

In September of 2021, we brought you the launch of the world's first ocean cleanup system led by a Dutch non-profit organization appropriately named the Ocean Cleanup. At the time the Ocean Cleanup had called the system System 001 and it was headed for the Great Pacific garbage patch, an oceanic accumulation of trash so large, it is often referred to as a garbage island. 

Garbage island measures twice the size of Texas and is considered the world’s largest zone of ocean plastics, estimated to contain up to 1.8 trillion pieces of debris.

We then followed all the company's advancements including its deployment of new vessels. Now, it seems the firm's latest system System 002 has collected a fresh batch of garbage. The Ocean Cleanup made the announcement on LinkedIn.

"BREAKING: the final test of System 002 is completed, and we have another big catch on deck. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch can now be cleaned. The crew is already sorting the catch, and lots of information is still to be processed. Stay tuned!" said the post.

Founded by university drop-out Boyan Slat, The Ocean Cleanup has designed and engineered a truly revolutionary unique system that is ideal for ridding the oceans of hard-to-grasp floating plastic.

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The system (ie both System 001 and System 002) uses large floating tubes of durable plastic that sit on the ocean's surface in a u-shape that allows them to catch the plastic waste while it swims by. The garbage is then collected with the intention of being recycled.

The system also features a strong nylon screen, attached underneath, that can catch the plastic below the surface without capturing or harming marine life. It's an ingenious system that could soon see our oceans cleaned of what was once deemed an insurmountable problem. Bravo Ocean Cleanup!