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swdThis is the real (replica) Millennium Falcon that you can BUY [Image Source: Propel]

Beauty takes many shapes and forms. While some may gravitate towards a beautiful person, or perhaps even a beautiful piece of jewelry, or maybe it is none of the above. Perhaps beauty may lie in something so simple, yet elegant, that only a true fan could appreciate. Perhaps, it lies withing the beautiful design of the X-Wing, and the Millennium Falcon, and Tie fighter- which yes, they all fly. While specs are interesting and can be useful, if you need another moment to appreciate the magnificent designs and true beauty of these official star wars drones, take your time- we don't blame you.

swd2Replica Speeder Bike [Image Source: Propel]

While just the design is seemingly enough to win over many buyers, it can only be complimented by the rather impressive specs that go along with. These are high-performance laser battling quads. With clear propellers housed underneath the craft, it ensures the blades are mostly well out of sight. The crafts, of course, are fast- very fast. Using a new patent-pending reverse propulsion system, not only provides a realistic flight experience, but it also enables the birds to go from 0-30 MPH in three seconds. The top speed maxes out at about 40 MPH.

“You have the combination of something that’s really detailed and collectible, which really appeals to the true Star Wars fan, but it also performs,”

says Propel CEO Darren Matloff,

“That’s never happened before.”

The crafts are hand painted to model specifications, and come in a collectors case. You can make your childhood fantasy come alive with each legendary replica. You and 24 other friends can engage in a massive laser battle and see who rules the galaxy, all while going nearly 40 MPH. Propel, the company distributing the battlequads is taking reservations for the winter of 2016. You do not even have to pay to reserve, they are that certain they can win you over. It may have taken a long time, the wait is finally over. Ensure you can protect the galaxy, or perhaps take it over- the choice is yours. May the force be with you...

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