Oomi home system makes your home smarter without a smartphone

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There are many smart home systems already on the market that you wouldn’t think there would room for a new one. However the Oomi home system is the smartest and it is making big waves on Indiegogo. The reason why is that is promises to make your home smarter and you don’t need a smartphone for that to happen and the set-up is smart and fast.


[Image Source: OOMI]

At the heart of the Oomi home system is the Oomi cube and it works as the heart by bringing everything else together. The Cube comes with numerous functions and sensors and it really is a useful part of the whole system. Sensors include noise, temperature, humidity, breaking glass, motion and light. The Cube also comes with an IR camera along with a regular one, a speaker for alerts and a 360 IR blaster which allows the control of entertainment systems.


[Image Source: OOMI]

What makes the Oomi stand out is the fact that it doesn’t rely on you owning a smartphone to control the system. It comes with its own Oomi Touch remote by way of a 7 inch touchscreen along with physical buttons. However there are apps for smartphones if you do want to use a smartphone.


[Image Source: OOMI]

Another bonus that has attracted people to the system is the fact that it’s easy to add on new accessories. All you have to do is tap the new accessory onto the remote and it gets added onto the system. The system comes with a streamer, a plug, bulb, air quality detector and multi-sensor. The latter is able to detect vibration, humidity, UV, temperature and motion.


[Image Source: OOMI]

The Oomi home system runs on what is called Z-Wave technology and this means that it is able to integrate with other devices using the same. The technology learns from people using it and can then function on its own. At the moment the system is on Indiegogo seeking funds and it has been a huge success. The developers had a goal of US50, 000 and it broke this goal in under one hour. The cheapest pledge for a system is $279 and prices then go up for optional accessory packages. If all goes to plan the system is set to ship out in October.

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[Image Source: OOMI]


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