OpenAI Finally Releases GPT2 1.5 Billion Parameter Model

Try and guess where the 'human' text ends and the AI one begins.
Fabienne Lang

On Tuesday, OpenAI shared its final staged release of the 1.5 billion parameter GPT-2 language model. All associated code and model weights were included in the blog post

When OpenAI first released GPT-2 in February this year, concerns around its potential misuse were voiced. At that point, the company decided to hold back on sharing the language model's code and training dataset. 

After months of looking into GPT-2's details, OpenAI has now decided the time is right to allow further research and understanding into synthetic text. Thus, their decision to share the model's parameters. 


What has OpenAI noticed about GPT-2?

It's quite clear as to how a system that creates algorithms to complete an entire text or sentence could be misused. Fake news stories come to mind, among other nefarious uses of AI-generated text.

Withholding their language model's code and training dataset went against what OpenAI believed in. However, for security reasons, they decided to do just that, and they still wanted to find a way of sharing the information.

So, over the past nine months, OpenAI observed GPT-2 to ensure they could share their code and model weights safely. The company made the following observations

  1. Humans find GPT-2 outputs convincing.
  2. GPT-2 can be fine-tuned for misuse.
  3. Detection is challenging.
  4. We’ve seen no strong evidence of misuse so far.
  5. We need standards for studying bias.

Regardless of whether or not a task-specific training dataset was shared, GPT-2 was still able to generate mind-blowingly good machine translation, question answering, reading comprehension, and summarization. 

Upon sharing their GPT-2 model, OpenAI has said they are doing so to "aid the study of research into the detection of synthetic text, although this does let adversaries with access better evade detection."

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