Oppo joins 1-inch sensor club, unveils phone with ferris wheel-like camera

The phone has a fast-charging battery that can charge up to 50% in 10 minutes.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Oppo's Find X6 Pro.
Oppo's Find X6 Pro.

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has introduced a 1-inch camera sensor equipped phone with the launch of the Find X6 Pro that also boasts a 510-ppi OLED display with an adaptive refresh, Snapdragon processing, and a fast-charging battery.

This is according to a report by New Atlas published Tuesday.

The phone is further complemented by a triple camera that features  Hasselblad color optimization chops plus image-specific MariSilicon X neural processing.

The leading sensor configuration and excellent mobile optical technology have made an unprecedented leap in the amount of light entering each lens. Far or near, light or dark, open or focused, front or backlight, the new phone's camera gives you the creative freedom you want.

This is because of its 1-inch large bottom wide angle, F1.8 Ultra Large Aperture, OIS Optical Image Stabilization, High Transmittance Glass Lens, and ALC Sub-wavelength Structure Coating. The camera also boasts a 1/1.56" sensor area, F2.2 large aperture, 110° wide viewing, and Ultra-luminous periscope telephoto.

"The ultra-large bottom periscope telephoto brings the industry's revolutionary light sensitivity improvement, dark light telephoto, and still has high image quality performance: clear, delicate, vivid colors, and real light and shadow. Equipped with floating prism stabilization, it delivers unprecedented low-light telephoto quality," states Oppo's welcome page for the phone.

Video enabled

Video is also enabled, and users can enjoy 4K video at 30 frames per second with Dolby Vision HDR or 60 fps without, or 720p up to 480 fps for slow-motion capture.

"Find X series is the most powerful image engine ever, intelligently calling the powerful computing power of MariSilicon X image-specific NPU chip, reconstructing the image processing process, and effectively improving the purity of the picture; Original photon matrix map, pixel-level calibration brightness information, restore real light and shadow. Gives the picture a walk-like sense of presence," states Opppo's website.

Oppo's 5,000-mAh battery supports 100-W plugged-in fast charging and 50-W wireless. The company further claims that a mere 10-minute charging time will allow the battery to get to 50 percent capacity. For the time being, the Find X6 Pro is only available in China for 5,999 yuan (US$870).

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