Orb Audio Booster, the World’s Smallest Integrated Amplifier

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Orb Audio Booster[ Image Source :  Orb Audio ]

Orb Audio, a leading maker of handmade, highly affordable and décor-friendly audio products, announced the launch of Booster, one of the world's smallest integrated amplifiers. Together with Orb's compact Mod1 and Mod2 speakers, Booster allows consumers to say goodbye to large, complicated home audio receivers without sacrificing sound quality or convenience.

Booster brings high performance sound to up to four audio sources, featuring an easy-to-use remote control, beautiful extruded aluminum cabinet and professional quality speaker connectors. Additionally, Booster is designed with a subwoofer output and small/large speaker size selector, features not normally found on amplifiers of this size.

Booster is also very small, measuring just six inches wide, six inches deep and one and three quarters inches high. When paired with Orb's award-winning compact speakers, Booster delivers luxurious, room-filling sound from an unbelievably small package.

"Booster is a great addition to our product line because it is a problem solver," said Ethan Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Orb Audio. “Our customers have asked us for an easy way to bring home speaker sound to their computers, iPods and TVs without complicated electronics or extensive wiring. Now we have two great solutions to offer consumers -- Mini-T, released earlier this year, which connects one audio source to a pair of speakers, and Booster, which connects up to four sources and also features a subwoofer output and remote control. Between these two choices, we have the bases covered, and consumers can choose the features they need."
"We also hope to expand the market for small home audio components," said Siegel. "Booster is the only amplifier of this size that features multiple inputs, a remote control and a subwoofer output. It really can replace much larger components, and we think this is a winning combination of features, performance, size and price."

Available immediately for $164.00, Booster can also be purchased as a package with two Orb speakers for $396.00. For individuals who desire a more traditional audio setup, Orb Audio also offers complete home theater systems to fit most budgets and room sizes. More information about Orb Audio products, pricing and purchasing can be found at www.orbaudio.com or by calling 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834).

About Orb Audio :

Orb Audio is committed to being different. From the beginning in 2002, it has been our intention to deliver speaker systems with the finest quality components, an attractive, upscale design and an affordable price. The only way to accomplish all of this was to be different from the other players in the industry, make our speakers in the United States, and to sell them to our clients directly to avoid substantial (and totally unnecessary) markups. Our satellite speakers are manufactured in the United States by craftspeople with years of experience in electronics assembly. We do not have to take mass market considerations into our design, so we can design our speakers for one thing -- performance.

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