Should AI have opinions on public figures? How do we stop AI from providing misinformation? You may get a $100K grant from OpenAI if you can answer these.

Christopher McFadden | 8 hours ago

The world’s first AI ballet, that uses generative AI to inspire all parts of the composition from the choreography to the score and even the costumes, will soon be coming to the Leipzig Opera House.

Loukia Papadopoulos | 8 hours ago

Engineer Olav Martin Kvern has built a robot that picks electric guitar strings making playing the instrument easier and more accessible.

Loukia Papadopoulos | 9 hours ago

The MQ-28 is primarily being developed for the RAAF to support its fighter wings as a "loyal wingman," but it has also been spotted in the US.

Christopher McFadden | 9 hours ago

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The UK hosted the first ever AUKUS artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy trial in April at Upavon in Wiltshire.

Loukia Papadopoulos | 10 hours ago

Many tech experts believe analog chips could be a better way to develop more sustainable and power-efficient artificial intelligence.

Christopher McFadden | 14 hours ago

Baidu, the renowned Chinese search engine giant, is set to unleash Ernie 3.5, a cutting-edge generative AI large-language model.

The firms claim they want to set up a "constant supply chain to Mars" by sending missions every 26 months when the Mars launch window opens.

Chris Young | 5/26/2023

IBM has set its sights on constructing a colossal quantum computer comprising a staggering 100,000 qubits. They aim to transform the field of computing.