The quality of universal joints make a vital difference in any mechanical operation and the failing of joints can ruin an entire structure.

Trevor English | 4/20/2016

Two competing Chinese construction companies got into a fight with bulldozers on the job site which resulted in a lot of destruction.

Trevor English | 4/20/2016

After being grounded for many months in Hawaii, the Solar Impulse 2 is set to complete its round the world flight powered only but the Sun.

Trevor English | 4/20/2016

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The educational system is in dire need of innovation, and one little robot that can adapt to different skill levels is trying to do just that

The line between technology and "magic" is getting much harder to distinguish, as Raffaello D'Andrea demonstrates through the use of drones.

The Naked Mirror develops a 3D scan of your body and can tell you where you are gaining muscle, and where you need to work on more at the gym

Trevor English | 4/18/2016