A Colombian company has come up with a landmine detecting sole that promises to save thousands of lives lost due to the landmines strewn in the jungles...

A new technology called Xstat Dressing inspired from the foam used in fixing flat tires can be the future of dressing battlefield wounds.

A construction kit for kids allows them to build structures using plastic connectors from household waste.

The myth that the human uses just 10% of his brain has been widely spread among people for around a century ago. And it is still very popular...

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A Stirling engine can produce energy with little-to-no emissions and can work practically everywhere.

If you constantly find yourself looking for your phone you might want to check out the Marco Polo app to help you locate it with a nostalgic game.

Instead of supporting railway or roadway, the transporter bridges including Tees or Newsport transport bridge carry a platform or a gondola across the river.

Normally the hydroelectric power stations are designed to generate electricity by catching and enhancing the natural motion of the water flow of a river...

... climb vertically very smooth surfaces. Teflon is the only known material that hinders, but doesn’t fully remove the gecko ability of surface adhesion.