Astronomers used a combination of gravitational lensing and supercomputer simulations to detect the cosmic behemoth.

Chris Young | 17 hours ago

Google has now unveiled an AI chatbot powered by LaMDA. Read on to find out what it is, how it works, and what is its future in the creative industry.

Tejasri Gururaj | 3/28/2023

The use of Gecko Robotics' wall-climbing robots on U.S. Navy ships has been approved.

Can Emir | 3/28/2023

This tiny gadget can help treat and heal wounds and is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes. 

Mrigakshi Dixit | 3/28/2023

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This culminates a decades-long effort in search of "a one-in-a-million" shape that is also known as an aperiodic monotile.

Chris Young | 3/28/2023

The achievement of the guidance and control test milestone marks progress towards the goal of an autonomous A310 refueling a DT-25 by mid-2024.

Neuralink's progress may also be hampered by the ongoing Federal investigations into allegations of misconduct during animal trials.

Ameya Paleja | 3/28/2023

Clearview AI, a facial recognition company, was used to conduct nearly one million searches for the US police over the last few years.

Chemical engineers have expanded the age-old method of Origami to create complicated structures from glass and other rigid materials.

Sade Agard | 3/28/2023