Alphabet’s Google is reportedly investing almost $400 million in artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, which is working on a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Australia-based company Airspeeder has engineered what is said to be the world's first flying electric racing car and is now trialing the new vehicle in the desert.


Building from the ground-up is so last millennium; now meet a new way of raising large structures called LIFTbuild.


We caught up with metaverse expert James Coop to talk about why – and when – it’s going to change everything.

Alice Cooke | 2/5/2023

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Mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP), a nickel product used in EV battery production, is going to be produced in the U.S. for the first time.

Researchers from the Northwest University of Agricultural and Forestry Science and Technology bred and brought to life the three calves that can produce abundant milk.

A team of researchers from Beijing has created a generator capable of converting hot gas at hypersonic speeds into a powerful electric current.

Baba Tamim | 2/4/2023

France pledges not to conduct anti-satellite missile tests but leaves other options open.

The Conversation | 2/4/2023

Some of the world’s biggest academic journal publishers have banned or curbed their authors from using the advanced chatbot, ChatGPT.

The Conversation | 2/4/2023