Atlas Copco has been moving mountains for 140 years now. Their unique approach to developing innovative solutions to each project sets them apart.

Trevor English | 2/9/2016

Check out these top ten weirdest gadgets - might sound cool but do we really need them?

The Oresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden in a unique cable-stayed bridge to sunken tunnel road and railway system, including an artificial island.

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A robot from New York passed a self-awareness test back in July last year.

Tuba Knobs can add physical dials to any touchscreen device and work with a wide range of music production and mixing software.

With an aging staff, Tokyo's airport has chosen to give their elderly workers exoskeletons to boost their working and lifting ability.

Trevor English | 2/4/2016

Dutch police are training eagles to catch rogue drones posing a threat to aircraft in the sky, offering up a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem.

Trevor English | 2/3/2016

Last year, Microsoft initiated Project Natick. In this project, they put a prototype called Leona Philpot into the the Pacific Ocean for 90 days and tested its ability to endure the harsh underwater conditions.