Paint Your Own Electric Circuits and Sensors With Electric Paint!

With Bare Conductive's Electric Paint you can literally sketch out a working circuit! Will wonders never cease?
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Created: 6/28/2019
Bare Conductive Electric Paint1, 2

Paint is great for many things, but when it can also conduct electricity you know you have reached a new height. With Bare Conductive's range of paint and kits, you can let your imagination run riot.

Release your inner artist, and electrical engineer, with this great little product. The possibilities are, frankly, limitless. 


What is the paint?

Electric paint is just like any other paint, except, as the name suggests, it can conduct electricity. Bare Conductive's electric paint is carbon-based, water soluble, and non-toxic and only becomes conductive when it is fully dried. The USP for paints like this is that you can literally paint electric circuits with it. 

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