Panasonic go tiny for their new battery for wearables

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Batteries for small electronic devices need to find the compromise between size and capacity. The need for smaller batteries has never been as strong as now as we are going into the era of wearable technology. Panasonic realise this and they have been working on their recently announced CG-320 which comes in at 20 x 3.5mm and is said to be "the industry's smallest cylindrical shaped rechargeable Lithium Ion battery."


[Image Source: Panasonic]

The Panasonic CG-320 has a weight of just 0.6 grams, while having a capacity of 13mAh and offering 3.75 volts and maximum charging voltage of 4.2 volts. In order to prevent swelling of the battery it has been given a stainless steel case. Panasonic have been able to develop the battery thanks to components that are extremely fine in comparison to the materials that the current cylindrical lithium batteries are made from. It is just one twentieth of the size of the typical AAA size battery.


[Image Source: Panasonic]

The battery comes with the exact same spiral electrode construction that is seen in the typical cylindrical Li-ion batteries. The design means that the anode and cathode area is wide and this allows for high output for the size of the battery. The battery offers enough power for near-field communications, NFC will be one of the main uses of the battery of course.

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The CG-320 will be used in wearable devices and other uses could include hearing aids and electronic pens. Panasonic aims to have the battery in mass production by February 2015.