These Parents Turned Empty Space into a Playroom!

Trevor English

In every home, there's always that one space that you have absolutely no idea what to do with. Large entryways are nice, but it's hard to come to terms with wasting so much square footage. One mom had the idea to turn the empty ceiling space in her foyer into a playroom for daughter. As first reported on by Apartment Therapy, the extra playroom loft created a unique space in the small two bedroom townhouse.

Playroom before[Image Source: Angie B.]

Enlisting the help of her husband and father in law, the duo built out the framework for the extra room leaving plenty of space for the floor below. Once the floor was built, they laid a beautiful wood floor and the vision started to come together. There was a surprising amount of square footage that was previously taken up by empty ceiling space!

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Ceiling playroom construction[Image Source: Angie B.]

The finished product was an incredible office and playroom nook that will definitely add tons of resale value to the home.

If by now you're not looking around wondering what you could do with all the extra space around your home, then can you really call yourself an engineer? With houses getting smaller people are forced to get creative with how they use their space, so it's goodbye to useless ceiling and hello to beautiful new spaces.

Playroom After[Image Source: Angie B.]

Hopefully you can get some inspiration from this build to create a new space in your home or condo. Although, if you are currently renting or living with someone else, be sure and get the landlords permission before you start remodeling the house. This project is the perfect example of some creative engineering and beautiful design to create something that completely changes the floor plan of the house.