Parrot Debuts ANAFI USA Drone for Commercial, First Responder Use

The company Parrot unveiled a new industrial drone called ANAFI USA, going for $7,000 on July 27.
Brad Bergan

A European company Parrot introduced a new drone to the U.S. scene called ANAFI USA — a drone model created for commercial and industrial use with enterprise-grade data security and a plenum of high-end technology, according to a new webpage on Parrot's website.

This isn't for recreation — it's a working machine used to monitor natural disasters like wildfires, survey land and rural infrastructure, and much more.

The Parrot ANAFI USA is available for preorder on July 27 and starts at a price of $7,000.


Parrot Debuts ANAFI USA Drone for Commercial, First Responder Use
The Parrot ANAFI USA is up for preorders July 27, starting at $7,000.Source: ANAFI USA / Parrot

Parrot ANAFI USA drone to counter security concerns

Manufactured in the U.S., the Parrot ANAFI USA was manufactured to assuage national security concerns surrounding drones from China. The new model is specified for government and industrial use — and can be used for search and rescue missions, in addition to security companies to surveil a location, for building inspections, and more.

To Parrot, the new drone features equal durability capabilities as its Short-Range Reconnaissance drone — and also its level of security. The model features data encryption features, GDPR-compliant privacy, and a pragmatic design for simple operation. From rest or off mode, the drone may be made operational in less than one minute — including the requisite time to unfold and establish a solid radio link.

Parrot Debuts ANAFI USA Drone for Commercial, First Responder Use
The drone flies over solar panels at 40 meters (44 yards). Combined with zoom, pilots can detect hot spots on the solar panels. Source: ANAFI USA / Parrot

Probably the best feature of the drone is its integrated FLIR camera, which lets users find and capture hot-spot signatures at distances of up to 1.93 kilometers (1.2 miles).

Parrot Debuts ANAFI USA Drone for Commercial, First Responder Use
The drone has 32x zoom, with roughly 21-megapixel cameras working at a range of roughly 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).Source: ANAFI USA / Parrot

Parrot's new drone has 5-kilometer zoom

When the thermal mode isn't active, the visual camera uses a 32x zoom lens, which lets operators analyze structures and locations without maneuvering the drone into dangerous or detectable areas. According to Parrot, this camera and its zoom lens offer "clear" images at distances of up to 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).

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Additional features include an SD card slot that uses encryption to protect photos and videos, along with WiFi, WPA2, and an IP53 rugged design for endurance in raining and windy conditions, according to Slash Gear. It also has stabilization tech to capture video in wind speeds approaching 15 meters per second (33.5 miles per hour), supports automatic flights, and more — making use of FreeFlight 6 with a physical controller that integrates with smartphones.

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