Pepper the humanoid robot will leave Japan and arrive in US next year

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We have heard about Pepper the robot with some time ago when it was designed in Japan. This is said to be the first robot to have emotions and it is the attempt of Softbank to introduce affordable Androids to people. Now the robot is leaving its native Japan and will be making its way over to the US next year, when it will become available in February at Sprint.

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[Image Source: Aldebaran]

Pepper was revealed to the world in June at a press conference with a price tag of around US$1, 930, however, there hasn’t yet been any confirmation as to the to the US price tag. Pepper was designed by Aldebaran and the four foot robot has been specifically designed to interact with humans. The robot is said to be able to have a conversation with you, recognize you and it can react to your emotions along with moving around and living autonomously. Pepper is able to communicate through an intuitive interface and use voice, touch and emotions.


[Image Source: Aldebaran]

The robot is designed to be a social companion, for instance, if you laugh then Pepper understands that you are happy and in a good mood. On the flip-side, if you have a frown on your face he knows that something is bothering you. He can understand a range of emotions, such as sadness, joy, surprise, anger and doubt. He understands your mood from your facial expressions, choice of words and body language and can adapt appropriately to your mood. If Pepper thinks you are sad, he will play you a song to try and cheer you up. Along with being able to understand your emotions, Pepper can also express his own emotions via gesture, body language and voice.

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[Image Source: Aldebaran]

Pepper stands at 4 feet and weighs 61lbs and is able to adapt and improves as he learns from you. His movements are fluid and lifelike thanks to 17 anti-pinch articulations and he can move around via 3 omnidirectional wheels. He comes with a 3D camera that helps him to learn about his surroundings and interact with people up to 10 feet away from him. He has 14 hours of battery life and more than 40 innovative patents.


[Image Source: Aldebaran]

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