Personal Writing Machine Will Draw Whatever You Want

Watch this mesmerizing writing machine create letters and draw works of art with perfect penmanship and calligraphy.
Trevor English

You've probably heard of autopens used to duplicate someone's signature, but the Axidraw pen plotter takes it to a whole new level. Essentially, the writing machine is an incredibly precise printer that uses whatever writing utensil you desire as the ink.

You can use the machine to do pretty much whatever you can dream up from drawing fancy artwork to extensive calligraphy on letters. Combined with personal handwriting software, you could even use the plotter to write a letter in your own handwriting without all of the effort.

axidraw writing pen robot draw
Source: Axidraw

While some may feel that the device undermines what a true penman can do, you have to admit that it brings a personal artistic touch into the reach of every individual. For businesses that need to send out many letters or maybe people who want to impress their next employer, this pen plotter would be an incredible tool.

There is some bad news however, the device is priced at US$450, which means that most people probably won't shell out the money to get their hands on one.


For those crafty engineers out there, the writing device probably wouldn't be too hard for you to make if you can reverse engineer the technology. Imagine turning in that next essay with perfect handwriting, and impressive penmanship, which will surely warrant an A+.

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In modern society, penmanship and style are often lost in technology. This lack of design means that a handwritten touch makes that much more of a difference in the business and personal world. While this device isn't true "hand" writing, it combines the best of both worlds to create a lot less work for you.

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