Peugeot's Inception Concept is unveiled like 'a big cat ready to spring' at CES 2023

Looks like Peugeot's iconic claws are out in the race for EV dominance.
Sade Agard
Unveiled: Peugeot's Inception Concept
Unveiled: Peugeot's Inception Concept


Peugeot chose to unveil its Inception Concept at the Consumer's Electronic Show (CES) 2023 (Jan .05), illuminating the future of its next-generation electric cars that will be offered all over the world.

"In 2023, our entire line-up will be electrified and in the next two years, five new 100 percent electric models will be launched. Our ambition is simple: to make Peugeot the leading electric brand in Europe by 2030," said Linda Jackson, CEO of the Peugeot brand, at the event. 

Peugeot is clawing its way to the future 

Peugeot's Inception Concept is unveiled like 'a big cat ready to spring' at CES 2023
Tech bar: A-equipped to identify its driver

It has an entirely new light signature up front that combines the front grille and Peugeot's iconic claw shape into a single piece that also contains sensors. Additionally, the logo is centered on a single piece of glass, enhanced by a 3D luminous effect.

"Peugeot's brand new EV has a magnetic pose of a big cat ready to spring," she stated. 

A tech bar extends horizontally through the door layer so that when the driver and passengers approach, the vehicle can identify them using artificial intelligence (AI). Once identified, Inception will establish the comfort settings (seat posture, temperature, driving mode, and multimedia preferences) that each occupant wants. 

Equipped with numerous sensors and radars, the tech bar leaves a smooth bodywork finish and also displays the battery charge level.

"500 miles from Paris to Toulon... a breeze on one charge"

Talking about batteries. The all-electric Inception Concept has 800V technology that motors on a 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack. "[The pack] can make the 800 kilometers or 500 miles from Paris to Toulon... a breeze on one charge," said Jackson.  

"With 30 kilometer per minute charging time, a quick tap, go, and an espresso, will see you on the road again," she added. Additionally, recharging works by induction. 

 "It is electric and electrifying," declared Jackson. The Peugeot Inception Concept is a four-wheel drive vehicle thanks to two small electric motors, one at the front and the other at the back. With close to 680 horsepower (500 kilowatts) of total power, it can reach 62 miles per hour (mph) in less than three seconds."

A next-generation cockpit inspired by video games 

Peugeot's Inception Concept is unveiled like 'a big cat ready to spring' at CES 2023
Next-generation Hypersquare cockpit

The Inception delivers a dynamic driving experience and a new, more user-friendly i-Cockpit, thanks to its innovative Hypersquare control system. The Hypersquare control system, inspired by video games, replaces the traditional steering wheel with digital electric controls and steer-by-wire technology. "With Hypersquare, your fingers do the driving," Jackson described.  

The Stellantis STLA SmartCockpit technology platform and STLA AutoDrive are also included in the next-generation i-Cockpit, enabling Level 4 autonomous driving. 

To provide a different passenger compartment experience when driving is delegated, Hypersquare retracts, and a huge panoramic screen folds out from the floor for "work, rest, or playing on the move," according to Jackson. 

She described Peugeot's Inception concept as a showcase for the technologies and techniques the brand will deploy to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 50 percent by 2030. Ultimately, it plans to "become fully carbon net-zero by 2038," she stated. 

Inception's design DNA seems to be all about saving resources too. It boasts raw material finishes that require no probe or alloy adornment as well as opting for air-quilted seats to save weight. Better yet, because the paint is single-coated, much less energy is used to apply it, according to Peugeot.

"New specs, new gestures, new perspectives, new experience. The Inception Concept you see before you is Peugeot's vision of the future," Jackson concluded. 

Still, it's early days. Therefore, it's difficult to know how closely this concept will resemble the version that will eventually be manufactured. Either way, time will tell, and we enjoy how the suspense only adds to the excitement- so stay posted!

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