Pitch Changeover System Unleashes the Potential of Stadiums

This fully automated system means your stadium has flexibility, and precision so you can book more events and maximize your stadium's potential.
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Created: 9/18/2018

Stadiums are huge investments for cities and it is important that these architectural icons have multiple uses to ensure financial viability. Too often it is too expensive or too timely to change between stadium to concert mode, which means cities miss out on big events and stadiums stay empty. 

One company trying to solve this problem is StadiaPitch, their revolutionary pitch changeover system reduces the changeover time between sports events and concerts from weeks to hours. At the push of a button, the stadium operator can switch from a football pitch to a concrete floor suitable for events. 

Modular pitch system means ultra-fast changeovers

StadiaPitch is a modular grass pitch system that can be moved in and out of a stadium in hours not weeks. StadiaPitch turns a traditional sports stadium into a multipurpose stadium, that opens up more dates available for concerts and events. 

The fast-automated pitch changeover enables a stadium to book more concerts, shows, and events all year round so it can realize its true market potential. StadiaPitch provides the ideal flooring solution for all users of the arena. 

First, the home team gets a better and less vulnerable pitch, no matter what sport you are playing. Meanwhile, event organizers get more available dates and a concrete floor on which to hold their events.

Pitch Changeover System Unleashes the Potential of Stadiums
Source: StadiaPitch

World-class pitch surface is maintained under precision conditions

In addition to that, the stadium operator gets a smooth and effective changeover process that makes it easy to regularly switch between events with different flooring needs. With a StadiaPitch in your stadium having grass will no longer limit your bookings and your bookings will no longer endanger the quality of your pitch. 

StadiaPitch will boost your stadium's potential and maintain the highest playing quality standards for all its users. StadiaPitch achieves its flexibility by moving the grass pitch in sections. 

The grass pitch is grown on specifically designed trays that are stored in a state of the art climate controlled building where the grass thrives when they are not needed. This means you’ll return the pitch to the stadium in an even better state than when it left. 

The StadiaPitch surface has been specifically developed to meet the highest quality playing surface standards that are expected world-class tournaments. StadiaPitch uses an automated horizontal and vertical pitch module movement system to remove and replace the pitch trays meaning you won’t have excessive labor costs for each changeover. 

The StadiaPitch testing site
Source: StadiaPitch

StadiaPitch built a real size installation of 4 segments in Bingley (UK) for testing the positioning of the segments and testing the edges of grass/turf.

Maximize the potential of your stadium 

StadiaPitch is powered by Bosch Rexroth in cooperation with its partners STRI and Nutcracker. Bosch Rexroth is part of the Bosch Group: a global supplier of technology and services with over 300,000 associates and an annual sales of over 50 billion Euros. StadiaPitch increases the potential of your stadium, no matter the event. 

Not only can you accommodate a wider range of users, but you can also rely on the cutting edge technology of the system to make sure you have a smooth and efficient changeover that takes hours not weeks or days. Fill your yearly calendar with a range of events to maximize sponsorship and ticket sales. 

In the end, it’s a solution that will be more profitable and more efficient for both stadium owners and concert promoters. StadiaPitch benefits everyone from the home team, music fans to the residents of the city. 

A thriving, profitable stadium is a must for all cities. Unleash the potential of your stadium with StadiaPitch.

Via: StadiaPitch

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