Plants That Grow In Zero Sunlight Without Water

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Plants in the home or office have certain benefits. However, at times in an atmosphere where animals, people and furniture all fight for space, plants and their hard-to-maintain nature are a less attractive option. The Mygdal Plant Light is an example where innovation meets evolution.

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Traditionally, indoor plants have needed a lot of care and natural light to flourish. The regular sunlight, fertile soil, seasonal weather and conditions found naturally outside are hard to mirror in an urban environment.

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The Mygdal Plant Lights have been designed to allow plants to grow in zero sunlight without water. It has two versions, Pendant and Standing. The standing lamp has a glass coating that conducts electricity from the source to the light. The Pendant combines the power source and light above the lamp.

The lamps are designed with a self-sustained ecosystem in mind. The base of the lamp is where the plants are nested, enclosed in electrically conductive glass. The lamp base is connected to a power source, which streams conducted electricity along the inner surface of the glass towards a LED lamp above the plant. The conducted electricity on the surface is thanks to the electrically conductive glass coating used on the lamp, which activates light and removes the need for any cable connection between the LED light and the power source.

The electrically conductive glass also allows the plants to perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis generates all the breathable oxygen in the atmosphere, and renders plants rich in nutrients. This is an important aspect in the design of the contemporary luminaire which mitigates any need for human care or irrigation, and keeps plants alive in windowless environments.

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In life, the innovation of new discoveries equals evolution. The Mygdal Plant Light is one of those occasions, where an outdoor self-sustained ecosystem can be recreated for plants to thrive in windowless spaces indoors. The lamp brings the benefits of natural sunlight and photosynthesis seen in an outdoor environment, while also bringing with it the convenience of a stable indoor room where one can keep a watch on the plants, away from all the hazards. This technical innovation potentially could see the plants grow undisturbed for years, and could enable a whole new area for horticultural design.

The Mygdal Plant Light was designed by Studio We Love Eames with enclosed spaces in mind. The design itself has gone from a sketch design to a full blast-coated production line of the patent-pending electrically conductive glass coating. The innovation is sure to see early adoption across many urban and contemporary dwellings, offices and restaurants of the Mygdal Plant Lights. With such a novel design, and such naked science to marvel over -- in the office, a shopping centre restaurant, the basement of a jazz venue, or in your modern home -- this lamp design should prove a likely companion for both man and nature alike.

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