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Many people today don’t bother carrying a large amount of cash around in their wallets or purses. Instead they rely on their debit or credit card. Along with this almost all stores offer you loyalty cards and if you have many favourites that you visit on a regular basis your wallet can get pretty packed.

In the future this could change and the only form of plastic card you might have to carry around with you is the Plastc Card, a credit card sized electronic device that is able to store up to twenty of your cards on it. All you need to do is choose the card that you want it replicate at the time from the e-ink display.


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It is easy to store one of your cards in the Plastc Card as all you need to do is swipe the card through a reader that can be attached to your phone. The Plastc Wallet application records all the information and then transfers it to the Plastc Card. The Wallet will also keep any transactions you make using the card.

The card comes with a magnetic rewritable strip which can replicate the strip on your cards, allowing it to be swiped normally. The display also shows bar codes if needed or the photo of the user or signature in the case of a credit card. It can also be used in Chip and Pin machines and it has NFC/RFDI functions.

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[Image Source: Plastc]

The card runs on a battery which is said to last around 30 days and the card has a wireless charging mat for recharging. When the card is in your wallet or purse it goes into sleep mode to preserve its battery life.

If you use the card in a store and fail to pick it back up then it will send an alert to your phone and for safety, if you go out of Bluetooth range for a set amount of time, the card will wipe your details. When it has come back into range with your phone the card will then re-sync data back onto itself from the app on your phone.


[Image Source: Plastc]

The Plastc Card can be pre-ordered for US$155 and there is no monthly fee. It is thought that shipping will start next summer.

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