Plastonix Inc. developed a way to recycle all types of plastic

Any petroleum-derived material can be turned into chips or powder.
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Plastonix Inc. a company in Canada, that repurposes plastics, launched a new technology that addresses the world’s massive plastic waste crisis. The technology is built on methods, systems, apparatuses, and proprietary chemical agents that address many of the systemic barriers that have traditionally inhibited the recovery of discarded plastic. That includes the hard-to-recycle varieties of plastic.

The Plastonix system is inexpensive, generates extremely low carbon emisions, is energy efficient, and simple. It uses a non-toxic chemical, that is organic, essentially a green chemical, in its processes. This is a tested, proven and unique plastic repurposing system that fuses all types of plastics together, recyclable and non-recyclable into a fused intermediate product. This product can then be turned into processable chips or a powered material.

There can be a further repurposing as a filler or parallel material for virgin plastic resins or converted into a composite material, such as

  • Paving material
  • Construction blocks paving stones
  • Tile beams
  • Sheets
  • Boards

The company uses a technology that utilizes a infusion process that depending on the situation may not require any sorting, cleaning or recycling.

Plastonix Inc. developed a way to recycle all types of plastic

This patent-pending technology can process all types of “petroleum-derived material.” The terms petroleum-derived materials refers to materials derived from petroleum as it is processed in oil refineries. The Plastonix system can process more than one type of petroleum-derived material at one time. There could be at least ten different types petroleum-derived materials can be combined at one time, all at the same time during the process.

The materials include materials naturally occurring in petroleum, such as paraffin wax and synthetically derived petrochemicals. The system can also process all manner of contaminant levels, forms, and/or material blends.

Plastonix can process such materials as

  • single use plastic shopping bags,
  • plastic straws
  • plastics reinforced with filler
  • elastomer
  • neoprene
  • asphalt shingles
  • plastics combined with a flame retardant
  • rubber
  • automotive components

One of the very destructive petroleum-derived materials that the Plastonix system can process is Styrofoam. This is a toxic level petroleum product that is often associated with soil degradation and disease.

Overall, materials may be cleaned or not cleaned, sorted or unsorted, and can be a mix of virgin plastic and waste plastic.

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Many organizations and industries or industrial processes currently discard some petroleum-derived materials because there is deemed little to no economical value. With the unique Plastonix technology, these organizations can reclaim and repurpose trashed materials.

Applications include off-cut scraps from industrial processes, discarded plastic from materials recycling facilities, discarded plastic from waste haulers, clothing retailers, and even discarded nylon and polyester fabrics, to name just a few.

Plastonix has three levels of services


Businesses and other organizations around the globe are looking for better ways to recover plastic waste. Plastonix can work with organizations on a fee-for-service basis to help transition to a zero-waste plastic economy

Design Build

With the plastic waste recovery system costing less and smaller in physical size, it creates the opportunity for all sizes of organizations to locate plastic processing capabilities onsite or close to their operations. Plastonix can work with organizations to design and build plastic processing solutions to meet individual needs.


The Plastonix technology is so disruptive that it offers an opportunity for the sector of plastic waste recovery to reinvent itself. There could be a reforming of business and financial models in order to roll out a flexible and scalable technology.

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