Pokémon GO Player Uses Drone to Catch 'em All

Trevor English

As Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm, creative users are finding ways to catch more Pokémon. One player devised an ingenious way to 'catch 'em all' without even having to leave his backyard. Motivated by not having to walk everywhere in his town, he decided to attach his smartphone to his drone. However, in order to make everything work, he hooked his phone up to an app called AirDroid, according to Tech Insider. This allows him to control his phone through wi--fi.

pokemon go drone catch[Image Source: PerchBird/Tumblr]

He successfully tested the prototype throughout his backyard but ran into issues when he tried to fly further. The app he used requires the phone to be connected to wi-fi, so he couldn't fly outside of the range of his house's signal, according to Gizmodo. It is only a matter of time before someone overcomes this hurdle and is able to catch Pokémon through the use of a drone. That kind of defeats the purpose of the app, though, given that the game is meant to get users out and active.

phone emulator[Image Source: PerchBird/Tumblr]

Engineers will always find ways to circumvent what they find as annoying functions, and develop solutions that can be a little out of the box. The player, known only by PirchBird, did admit that he was a "cheater," but likely much to his amusement. For now, we will still have to settle with walking around and catching Pokémon the manual way.

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