Pokémon Player Creates Phone Case to Help Aim Pokéballs

Trevor English

Love playing Pokémon  Go but just can't seem to get down that Pokéball throwing action? Well, one user has designed and 3D printed a case that will help players throw the perfect ball every time. The case guides your fingers in a perfectly vertical motion when you line up the Pokémon in  the sights. His case is specifically designed for the iPhone 6, but using his design specs, anyone with access to a 3D printer could create their own.

pokemon go case[Image Source: Jon Cleaver]

"Can’t quite get that perfect throw? Frustrated when countless pokeballs randomly fly sideways? Worry no longer! This 3D printable Pokeball aimer ensures your finger never goes astray. Simply slip your iPhone into the case, give it a flick, and you’ll be catching Pokemon with ease." ~ Jon Cleaver

If you do happen to already own an iPhone 6 and have a 3D printer, the specs are available for download here, and all you will have to do is click print. This isn't the first 3D printed Pokémon case that we have seen. In fact, just a few days ago we saw a player who built a Pokédex inspired battery case and became the coolest kid on the block. To see exactly how this case helps you master the throw, you can check out the set of images below.

pokemon ball case[Image Source: Jon Cleaver]

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