Pornhub Colorizes Vintage Erotic Scenes Dating Back to 1896 Using AI

They have been also boosted to run in 4K.
Fabienne Lang
One of the colorized shotsPornhub

Pornhub has delved back in time, fished out some of the world's first erotic movies, and remastered them using deep learning techniques. The well-known porn site has managed to remaster old-time erotica by using AI for a modern-day audience's pleasure.

The team colorized old, vintage footage of erotic scenes filmed as far back as 1896 when the first striptease ever recorded came to life. 

For a different experience, you can now view vintage porn films that have been colorized, and boosted to run in 4K at 60 seconds per frame. To add to the whole experience, Pornhub also either remastered the audio from the age-old tapes or added entirely new soundtracks. 

We're not sure if these will be part of any history curriculum, but they do offer a titillating glimpse of bygone times. 

Pornhub's tantalizing 10 vintage videos are accessible on its Remastured Film project's site, but make sure to only open it clear of any prying eyes and ears, and if you're over 18 years old. It definitely falls under the NSFW category.

You'll notice the clothing has certainly changed over the decades, but the same sentiment generally applies when it comes to the erotic arts.

How Pornhub brought vintage erotica back to life

Put simply, it used deep learning to teach its AI dirty tricks by watching lots and lots of porn. 

Pornhub explains that it used deep learning, and 100,000 current videos and images to teach the AI how best to colorize the old footage. Thanks to several algorithms, the films became colorized, and the more videos and images the machine learning watched, the better it figured out how to colorize the old films. 

Colorizing old films has piqued the interest of many of late, especially with the leaps AI and deep learning have taken. Just in October last year, for example, a 1896 snowball fight, filmed by the famous Lumière brothers, was colorized to look very modern — if you ignore the outfits. 

Film and photo colorization has hugely improved since the days people actually colored in by hand every single section of footage. Yes, they were literally hand-painted to have color!

Digital colorization, AI, machine learning, and more have vastly improved the colorization game, and now, it's being used by Pornhub to light up the world's largest film-making industry — that's right, the porn industry is bigger than Hollywood, and the streaming giant Netflix.