Portable Battery-Extension Trailer Intersects EVs with RV Enthusiasts

Make sure your electric vehicle never runs out of juice!
Loukia Papadopoulos

Portable batteries are extremely practical. You can use them on the go to make sure your cell phone never runs out of juice. What if you had the same option for your electric car?

Colorado Teardrops Campers announced its Boulder camper as "backup power for your electric vehicle."

"The Boulder has a bank of EV batteries built into the trailer frame that enables you to recharge your EV’s batteries to return your electric vehicle to its pre-towing range — or better," reads the website's section on the trailer.

The Boulder has a host of other features as well. It has a fully insulated cabin that boasts a sea that easily converts to a queen-size bed. Which is fairly standard, but the size of the bed in such a small camper is impressive. Additionally, it has two bunk beds and ample amounts of storage space, so you can bring all of your camping and adventure gear. The Boulder’s cabin provides lots of light, thanks to its large "galaxy-gazer window."

The company notes that the galley is as large as their Mount Massive model, with room for a couple of Yeti coolers, water, stove, and storage for food.

Colorado's weather conditions

The firm further emphasizes that their trailers are inspired by "Colorado’s terrain and ever-changing weather conditions — where heat, rain, snow, and ice can all be encountered on the same day, all year round."

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The Boulder trailer will weigh a mere 1,950 pounds (885 kg), making it easy to tow behind most electric vehicles. It will be priced at $55,000 although no estimated launch date has been given. Colorado Teardrops Campers is, however, advertising five different tiers of preorders with various down-payment amounts.

The price of the trailer is roughly the price of a second car, but then again, you can't sleep or dine in a regular car. This seems like a cool product that will only grow in popularity with the rise of sales of electric vehicles.

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