Professional Golfer Creates Jetpack to Avoid Golf Carts

Trevor English
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If you have ever golfed in your life, you know just how fun driving around the golf carts are. While they are a blast to drive, they have some limitations given that they are wheel-based. You can't take them on greens or on wet fairways, so professional golfer Bubba Watson decided to solve that problem. Teaming up with Oakley, they built the world's first jet pack golf cart. The jet pack cart can fly upwards of 3,000 feet, you know, for those hard to reach shots. You can check out the insane video below.

The jet pack is powered by a 210 HP engine that directs power to two fans. These fans can propel the machine at speeds of 46 miles per hour. Bubba claims that the jet pack golf cart will be a game changer in the industry by giving an unfair advantage through bird's eye views of the course. Bubba has also worked with Oakley in the past to develop a golf cart hovercraft, which may prove to be a better alternative than the jet pack. The hovercraft keeps golfers firmly planted close to the ground while also making no impact on the grass underneath. The video below will take you through the workings of that machine.

However you feel about golf, you have to admit that both of these machines are quite impressive. Can you imagine being out on the course and seeing someone fly by with their bag on the back of a jet pack. Golf is typically a quiet game, but the noise generated from the two ducted fans is likely to turn up the noise level just a notch. For the first time in 112 years, golf will be included in the Olympics. Be sure to check out the opening ceremony and all of the events beginning August 5th.

bubba hovercraft[Image Source: Bubba's Jetpack]

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