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The number one item that people most often lose is their umbrella. Closely followed among the items that are most forgotten by people are phone chargers. This is when a company came up with an idea to invent the ChargerLeash. This is a very simple device that will help people to remember to take their phone charger with them before they leave to go out.


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Have you ever been packing to leave a hotel, perhaps after taking a holiday or going on a business meeting? Apparently you are not alone if you have grabbed your suitcase and keys and bolted out the door to head for home, only to realise when you reach the airport that you have left your phone charger on the unit at the side of the bed. Many people do this each year and this is where the ChargerLeash comes into its own.


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The ChargerLeash will take over from the cable that you use to charge your phone. The difference being that when you disconnect the cable from your phone, the charger will sound off an alarm five seconds later. If you want to switch the alarm off you have to make sure that you remove the cable from the charger or from the USB port of your device. It is assumed that when the device and cable is in your hand you are going to remember to take your charger with you.

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As there are numerous different types of phones on the market, there is a ChargerLeash to fit each one. Depending on what phone you own, will depend how much the charger cable is going to cost, they range from $19.95 to $29.95.

The ChargerLeash has the micro USB 2.0 connector, which is able to not only charge your device but also be used for synching the device. Cables are available for a wide variety of devices, including phones working on Android or Windows Phone Mobile, digital cameras, tablets and the Kindle. The cable can be connected to a micro USB port and charges devices at maximums speeds, with a 2.1A or 3.1A wall or charger for the car.

Owners of the Apple iPhone have not been left out as there is a ChargerLeash charge and sync lightning cable available that offers loss protection for owners of Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPad Air.

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