Qatar’s Stadium 974, the first dismountable stadium in the world

At number 15 on IE’s 22 best innovations of 2022, we take a look back at Qatar’s Stadium 974.
Can Emir
Qatar's Stadium 974

Qatar has built or refurbished eight stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and they have all been equipped with technology to keep players and fans cool in the Qatari heat. 

One of the eight stadiums that is sure to blow our minds is Stadium 974, designed and built with the intention of removal after the event. This radical idea stemmed from Fenwick Iribarren Architects, in association with Schlaich Bergermann Partners and Hilson Moran.

Stadium 974 was built in Qatar and is named after the nation's dialing code and the number of ocean shipping containers that were utilized in its construction. Qatar has hailed Stadium 974 as a pioneering example of big event sustainability.

This is number 15 in Interesting Engineering's series, showcasing the best innovations of 2022. Check back to discover more about groundbreaking AI, unique solar panels, new 3D printing methods, and much more.

The 40,000-seat waterfront marvel is constructed using shipping containers as building blocks, supported by a steel frame. Everything, from grandstands to stalls to sanitary fittings, can be broken down and transported as shipping containers.

The most significant challenges when building Stadium 974 were;

  • The use of reinforced steel frames to support the weight of the shipping containers and provide structural stability.

  • The use of specialized connections and fasteners to securely join the shipping containers together and create a seamless structure.

  • The incorporation of insulation, air conditioning, and other systems to control the temperature and maintain a comfortable environment inside the stadium.

  • The design and placement of the shipping containers to maximize the stadium's seating capacity and provide clear sight lines for spectators.

  • The use of proper drainage systems to prevent water from accumulating on the playing field and ensure the safety of players and spectators.

Overall, the engineering challenges associated with building a shipping container stadium in Qatar are significant. They required the expertise of experienced architects and engineers to design and construct such a structure successfully.