You can buy this $120,000 racing car simulator for F1 enthusiasts

Simulators utilize the same processes as real F1 models, offering an unparalleled racing experience.
Jijo Malayil
Red Bull car simulator
Red Bull car simulator

Formula 1 

Fullfing the fantasies of F1 enthusiasts by helping to bring the racetracks to their homes, Red Bull has partnered with Momemto Exclusives to develop show car simulators based on its ultra-successful RB18 race machine. 

The full-fledged simulator is available in two editions, 'The Champions' and the 'Race Edition,' priced at $120,000 and $90,000, respectively. The former features a front wing assembly, and both models are offered with either Verstappen or Perez-themed liveries.

According to the team behind the project, the simulator offers a true-blue racing experience that gives users a realistic episode of driving a championship-winning RB18. "Driving a Formula 1 car is something most of us can only dream of, but this simulator is as close to the real thing," said Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull, in a press release.

The Race Edition will be available for direct purchase via the official F1 memorabilia e-commerce platform, F1 Authentics, with its deliveries expected to begin by the end of March.

Replica of a legendary model - RB18

According to the team, the static car simulators were developed to honor a legend - RB18, which helped Red Bull taste victory in 17 out of 22 races in the F1 2022 calendar. The same enabled Max Verstappen to lift a second successive driver’s title and fellow mate Sergio Perez helping to cement the constructors’ crown.

The simulator lacks wheels and a rear wing, making it an odd sight at first. Making up for the lost visual appeal is what you experience from sitting inside the cockpit, where the driver is treated with a curved AOC gaming screen & speakers and a computer that contains official Oracle Red Bull Racing CAD data. The combination offers state-of-the-art visual races. The system also gives users the ability to integrate with other owners to run virtual races or championships. 

The dimensions of 'The Champions' edition stands at 4.1m in length, 1.4m in width, and 1.2m in height. The simulator weighs approximately 352 pounds (160 kilograms).

The cost of the offering, which rivals a Porsche 911 sportscar, seems justifiable considering that it "will be manufactured using the same process" as other F1 race cars. According to Red Bull, these simulators are very close to the ones used by the drivers as they prepare to storm the F1 tracks, allowing users to feel even closer to the sport and the drivers they love. The production of the simulators will be done at the Memento Exclusives factory in Northamptonshire in the UK.

“It’s an honor to be producing these exceptional RB18 show car simulators that celebrate and represent their 2022 F1 championship-winning season," said Barry Gough, Founder and CEO of Memento Exclusives. 

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